Social Events

Welcome reception

A welcome reception will take place on Monday (Nov. 18) from 18:30 to 20:30. The location is Room 212-213 of the Chimelong International Convention Center, Chimelong Hotel. You can easily find the place once you have arrived at Chimelong International Convention Center. The reception is included for all registrations. Please remember to take the admission tickets with you. Drinks and dim sum will be served.

Pearl River Night Cruise

The Pearl River night cruise will be arranged for WIFS 2013 attendants on Tuesday (Nov. 19) starting at 17:40, which is definitely a “must see” local attraction in Guangzhou. This event is free for all registrants and the entourages to purchase banquet tickets. Ticket will be checked at the entrance. Please remember to bring your tickets with you. Dinner will be served on the yacht after the cruise has begun.

In order to help the people going from the venue to the dock for the cruise, we will gather at the Chimelong Hotel Bus Station (opposite to the Convention Center) between 17:40-18:00. Buses will take us together to Zhongda dock. Please present your Pearl River Night Cruise ticket to take the bus according to the number of the ticket. Specifically, those whose ticket numbers range from A1-A50 should get on the bus “A”; those whose ticket numbers range from B1-B50 should get on the bus “B”; those whose ticket numbers range from C1-C50 should get on the bus “C”. (Sign “A”, “B”, “C” will be marked on the front glass of the buses)

The Pearl River, also referred as the Canton River, is an extensive river system in southern China, which is the third longest river in China. The Pearl River is the mother river of the Cantonese people, and has gestated the Cantonese language and the bright Cantonese culture since two thousand years ago. The river is bespangled with many famous cities, such Hong Kong, Macau, and Guangzhou. The view of the Pearl River in Guangzhou city is especially attracting, since the river go out into the sea in Guangzhou.

At night, under sparkling lights, the boat carrying visitors passing many sights. This section of the river offer visitors vistas such as “the Red Heart of the Pearl River”, “the Spring Dawning on the East Lake”, “Wall of Sails at Huangpu”, and “Night Moon over the Goose Pond”, which are among Guangzhou’s top eight tourist attractions; it also provides views of White Swan Pond, Shamian Building Complex, Aiqun Mansion, Tower Shadow Building, Riverside Bar Corridor, Ersha Island, Haixinsha, and the Guangzhou Tower (the landmark of Guangzhou). The cruise takes about two hours.

You will cruise on a luxury yacht along the Pearl River and enjoy the enchanting landscapes on both banks. When standing on the deck, you can feel the breeze of the river on your face and hear the sound of water splashing against the side of the ship. The cruise is immensely popular among local residents and tourists as well.

Views along the Pearl River in Guangzhou City are spectacular. Historical sites and unique architecture scattered along the Pearl River are numerous and are a wonderful reflection of the Cantonese culture. The Pearl River is composed of three river systems including the East River, the West River, and the North River, which converge in Guangzhou, resulting in fascinating vistas.


The official banquet will take place on Wednesday (Nov. 20) at the Butterfly Gourmet Court, Chimelong Hotel, starting at 18:00. Entrance is included in the registration. Please remember to show the admission ticket before going into the banquet. It will be a typical Cantonese dinner. Meanwhile, the best paper and best student paper will be announced during the dinner.